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JOIN query behaves differently with/without trailing ON?
That works.

The makefile uses dumpbin.exe (from the Windows SDK or Build Tools) and tclsh.exe (from your TCL installation) ... both of which must be in the path ... in order to build the sqlite3.def file that is used in the linkage step to create the exports:

sqlite3.def:    libsqlite3.lib
    echo EXPORTS > sqlite3.def
    dumpbin /all libsqlite3.lib \
        | $(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)\tool\replace.tcl include "^\s+1 _?(sqlite3(?:session|changeset|changegroup|rebaser|rbu)?_[^@]*)(?:@\d+)?$$" \1 \
        | sort >> sqlite3.def

So at a command prompt you need to be able to type the following:


and must not get the response that any of those are **is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file**