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Database on android SD CARD
Larry, Thank you so much for your in-depth engagement here... Its clear that you have a very in-depth understanding about these things 

I hear you saying that I'd have a better chance of figuring all this out if I root my phone. 

You are probably right that I don't understand permissions. From what I read it's read write and execute. This makes me think that a user that does not own or belong to the root group would rely on an x in the the "other" group in order to execute the file EG ------rwx 

However this is not my wheelhouse and I could be grossly mistaken. 

I read somewhere that Andriod is giving a separate username to each application. This means that shell will never be the same user unless shell actually created the file. 

Consequently, I was going to try using cat command to copy sqlite3 file to another file by shell and hopefully this would solve my ownership issue. 

I also read some users are getting luck on SD cards by appending the file with .exe before they put it on the SD card. This makes the system treat the file as an executable.  -- I have not yet tried it.

Thanks for encouraging me to get the best chance of good support

I also appreciate you and the other users for engaging my topic even though it may seem "off topic" explicitly to sqlite, I hope some others find it relevant and perhaps may even be helpful to someone else who is trying to get sqlite going on their phone.