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Cannot load a custom Virtual Table using PHP
$db = new SQLite3(':memory:');
$rs = $db->query('SELECT sqlite_version()');
while ($row = $rs->fetchArray()) print "<h3>SQLite version: $row[0]</h3>";

$db->query("SELECT load_extension('cvtab.dll','sqlite3_cvtab_init');");
//Attempting to load this way errors as follows:
//Warning: SQLite3::query(): not authorized in C:\DL\PHP\QTests.php on line 8

//Attempting to load this way errors as follows:
//Warning: SQLite3::loadExtension(): Unable to load extension at //'ext\cvtab.dll' in C:\DL\PHP\QTests.php on line 11

The custom VT loads perfectly fine using the latest windows CLI downloaded from the SQLite website and using and an old sqlite version 3-8-1 20131017 CLI.
The PHP SQLite version reported by the version query in the script is:, The one bundled with PHP 5.6.40, unfortunately none of the newer PHPs work on stock windows 8.1.
Both PHP (php-5.6.40-nts-Win32-VC11-x86.zip) and the custom VT dll are 32 bit, not sure if thread safety in the custom dll will cause this failure...
I have the PHP built-in development server running under command prompt as Administrator.
php.ini have both these enabled/set:
    sqlite3.extension_dir = "ext"
"ext\cvtab.dll" does exist.

Any pointers MUCH appreciated!!!