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ZIPVFS questions
I'm working on a project where I'm thinking of using SQLite to store large read-only, indexed representations of my raw data. I'm going to shard this across multiple SQLite files to keep the single file size under control, but the total projected required disk capacity I'm going to need is outgrowing the storage budget I have available.

I've been looking into various ways to compress the database files. Since they will be produced by a batch job and be read-only from that point forward zipvfs seems like a good candidate. It would be nice to be able to try this out to see what the impact on query performance is with various compression algorithms. Are there any comparative benchmark numbers available for this? Or is it possible to arrange some kind of evaluation of this extension before I go ahead and purchase a license?

The license for zipvfs states that the extension needs to be statically linked into the application. My code is all Java though that loads SQLite as a dynamic library and uses it via libffi. Does that preclude using zipvfs?