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> In the CLI ... tells me which databases are in scope in the current session (as Simon Slavin points out) ... but I see the alias as main and not the handle i.e. as returned by the out parameter of sqlite3_open(dbname, out handle).

What you (or the System.Data.SQLite .Net library, I suppose) are calling a "handle" is just that pointer to the (externally opaque) sqlite3 object. That .Net library has no way of knowing about any other "handle" it may have passed to its caller(s). The CLI (in recent versions) does track a small set of database connections (another term for references to those opaque objects) it has open, but does not traffic in raw pointer values at its external interface.

What you are calling an "alias" is the schema name, significant with just the connection which might have more than one database attached to the "main" one. This attachment is different from having a whole, separate connection.

> To paraphrase, my original question was simply to figure out whether I could get the list of databases I've opened together with their corresponding handles ... programmatically


> It looks like I have to manage this within my application. Correct?

I think my answer to this was clear in post #2. It amounts to "yes" here.