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Compiling sqlite3 with readline support
I finally made it happen! The key, so it seems, is to ignore the configure options and instead set `LDFLAGS='-L/opt/local/lib -lreadline'` in the environment, then configure and make.

During my experiments, I was looking in `config.log` and found that no matter what I did, the configure script did not include `-lreadline` when testing for the readline library, so *of course* the test failed. In particular, I found no effect from using the configure options `--with-readline-lib` and `--with-readline-lib` mentioned by `./configure --help`.

Setting the environment did the trick, even though – amusingly enough – the compilation ran with `-DHAVE_READLINE=0  -DHAVE_EDITLINE=1`. But it works as I had expected, anyhow.

PS. One of my desperate attempts involved running `autoupdate; autoconf`, which of course changed the configure script somewhat. But that may have no bearing on the outcome; I just don't know.

PPS. I really dislike autoconf. Sure, it works wonders when it works, but when it doesn't, it is just about impossible for a mere mortal to diagnose the problem.