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Test ACID properties SQLITE
Check the definition and test the property behind each letter separately.

Atomic: Try making two changes and then either ROLLBACK or COMMIT. Look for not-ROLLBACKED and not-COMMITED changes. Check combinations of rows changed by 1 UPDATE, rows changed by 2 UPDATEs in the same table, different tables or different attached databases.

Consistency: Try inserting/updating rows that violate constraints (remember to enable foreign key constraints). What those are is up to the author of the schema.

Independance: Try performing two transactions on the same row/table/database/across multiple attached databases in independent threads/processes. Check that data reread after both transactions are complete conform to expecations. In SQLite you will have to set a busy timeout to avoid the second transaction failing with "database is locked". Try to start the transactions simultaneously, so the changes occur in both orders.

Durability: Try killing threads/processes/power while transactions are in all states of progress (before/after first/last change, during commit), check to see if all comitted transactions are still present after the journal/WAL file has been processed.