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Help with a query
> As I said, I am not an expert so, vague human words is all I have but thank you for your input, I am a quick learner once pointed in the right direction.

Not a problem and quite understandable.

What will go a really long way is saying why you want half the sum? Do you not want the average? Half the sum is constantly proportional to the sum, it infers no value in and of itself.

Another good step is to show the table as in show some set of values, maybe make up your own table with 10 rows or so (or more if needed to make the point clear).... Then show from that table, what would be the desired output a correct query should produce.

10 brownie points if you can state the table and rows in actual SQL so any of us can copy paste it to our favourite SQLite/SQL editor and make the queries without having to translate all your human vagueness into data first. If it's easy for us to do, likely a lot more people will assist.