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operator precedence docs missing, suggested clarifications below
> You might use "expr" instead of "?" because of the prevalence of "?" for binding.

I'm not seeing the conflation potential, but since the page is about \[expr\] syntactic units, there is no reason to extraneously proliferate another symbol for it.

> The arrow notation for left to right, or right to left might be misleading.


> The railroad diagram indicates that ESCAPE can be applied to LIKE, GLOB, MATCH and REGEX. ... might want to fix the railroad diagram too because it's kind of a lie.

This will be further investigated. I think it's a case of the railroad chart reflecting the parser's grammar but not semantic constraints applied later. It is (almost) easy to fix the railroad chart.

> The operator is not "%" but "ESCAPE" ... operator is REGEXP rather than REGEX

Not sure where those brain farts were generated. Blown away now.

> might consider adding "e.g. 'x' NOT LIKE 'y'" to note 5.

Yes. Done. (It was already in; I grabbed slightly outdated HTML generated from internal, VCS source.)

> My version of the diagram has AND/OR placed incorrectly!

Glad to hear that. I don't need more bad head-scratchers tonight.