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64-bit Win compile of Tcl interface
I presume that this is supposed to be a Windows PE file (DLL or EXEcutable).  You can use the depends utility for Windows to take a peek at the references that the module is trying to load.  There will be a shitload of "API interfaces" that cannot be found that you can ignore such as anything that starts with "API-" or "EXT-" plus several other obviously Microsoft named "magic" (the files do actually exist it is just that depends does not know how to find them)

You can find depends here (self-contained executable file):  

See also another version that requires a "poo load of dependencies that are included" but can work from the command line:  

Both of them install in the "old fashioned manner" as in unzip and put in the path, none of this "run a silly installer that fills the computer with malicious crappola" that is so common in these days of Eternal September.