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Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN
> double and u64 (unsigned long long int) have different word orders on this platform

If that is true, then probably the database files generated by SQLite do
not follow [the spec][1].  The sqlite3IsNan() might be the least of your

Please try this experiment:

  *  Generate a database that contains floating point values (with fractional
     parts - example: 4.5 not 4.0) on RISC OS.
  *  Move the database file to another platform (Windows, Linux, or Mac).
  *  Check to see if the floating point values are preserved.

Let me know the result of the experiment.

Meanwhile, the use of system isnan() has been restored by
[check-in b3cfe23bec0b95ca][2].  But remember:  Don't just blindly
take this patch and decide "it works!" because you may well have deeper
and subtler problems.

[1]: https://www.sqlite.org/fileformat.html#record_format
[2]: src:/info/b3cfe23bec0b95ca