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Is the order conserved in a table from a VALUES clause?
The order of the values are most assuredly not guaranteed in SQL in general, and I doubt it is anywhere guaranteed by SQLite (unless I've missed such documentation).

To ensure a row order, you have to be sure the set contains values which possess intrinsic order and by which you specifically ask the results to be ordered. That is the only way. Any apparent order you are currently getting from any query that isn't ordering by a specific value, is purely happenstance and coincidental. 

Luckily SQLite provides a fool-proof way by which you can see what is "guaranteed": There is a pragma called "reverse_unordered_selects" [(you can read about it here)](https://sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_reverse_unordered_selects) which, when activated, will purposefully give your query results back in a bad order UNLESS you asked correctly for it to be ordered, in which case it returns it correctly. So if your query returns a good order while that pragma is in effect, you can be guaranteed that the query will work in future for the order you've intended.