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What would be the recommended way to hold an array of ~600 double values?
For historical reasons my application holds many records in the database where each record holds an array of ~600 double values. <br>The number of the records is mostly around 15K but theoretically can reach 200K.

The current format of these values is in a string.<br>
The benefit of this string is that all double values that hold short values such as '0' or '1' are taking only 1 byte (plus 1 for delimiter).<br>
The down side is the parsing and recreation of this string everytime any value is modified or read.

What would be the preferred format to hold such data?<br>
I was considering:<br>
 1. Use BLOB that holds an array of 'double' values. The downside here is that the size of this array is very large: 600 * 8 (size of double), and this will be multiplied by the number of records.<br>
 2. Create a new table with a column for each double value - This is creating a table with ~600 columns...
 The benefit is to use sqlite optimization for space for such values.<br>
 3. Leave things as they are and work with string.

Thank you for any tip,<br>