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<b>So if you want a current (or any) version of the SQLite3 engine or the CLI, then you have come to the right place. System.Data.SQLite also lives here.</b>

The current pre-compiled version for Windows is 3.33.

I have the 'current' version of System.Data.SQLite with the following properties:

Latest Stable Version: <i></i>

Description: <i>The official SQLite database engine for both x86 and x64 along with the ADO.NET provider.  This package includes support for LINQ and Entity Framework 6.</i>

Authority:<i>SQLite Development Team</i>

Date Published:<i>Wednesday, November 4, 2020 (11/4/2020)</i>

The statement <i>SELECT SQLITE_VERSION();</i> returns 3.32.1.

<b>Therefore, your statement (opening paragraph) is NOT correct.</b>