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Pre-release Versions of System.Data.SQLite packages?
For any real world application, I would

1. Not want to be more than two versions behind the <i>current</i> SQLite release.
2. Want to have an environment for testing the next or work-in-progress version of SQLite.

I have no control over what version of SQLite is available in System.Data.SqLite or Microsoft.Data.Sqlite. 

Being in control of what version to use can make a world of difference.

1. An enhancement such as <b>.read '| </b> currently in the pipeline can save hours of work.
2. So would an enhancement to <b> ALTER TABLE </b> that permits a column to be dropped.

Using the ODBC connection, I can choose which version of SQLite I use. However some useful features are unavailable:

a. <b style="color:blue"> SQLiteConfigDbOpsEnum</b> is unavailable - I will need to construct/build this.

b. <b style="color:blue">SetConfigurationOption</b> is unavailable - I am not sure how I would implement something like 

>SetConfigurationOption(SQLiteConfigDbOpsEnum.SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION, true);

c. <b style="color:blue">BindFunction</b> is unavailable; this would be a very valuable feature as it enables any method in a DLL (including ones I write myself) to be bound and used inside SQL statements.

d. <b style="color:blue">EnableExtensions</b> is unavailable (for loading such like mmod_spatialite - but I have a workaround.

The file <i style="color:red">sqlite3.def</i> simply lists the names of the exported functions. It does <u>not</u> provide the methods' signatures which must be known to be able to build <i style="color:red">SQLite.Interop.dll</i> I believe.

The choice is not <i>easy!</i>