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Errors building with FreeBSD 11.3
> I get above error in FreeBSD 11.3:
> shell.c:127:11: fatal error: 'editline/readline.h' file not found
> Even if I configure it with --disable-readline or later add add --enable-editline.

"editline/readline.h" is part of libeditline, not libreadline. You will need to disable them both. Not sure why the configure script is getting this wrong. Try:

      --disable-readline --disable-editline

> Later I get the following errors:
> /usr/opt/Sqlite/src/sqlite/src/tclsqlite.c:2353:33: error: use of undeclared
>        { "legacy_file_format", SQLITE_DBCONFIG_LEGACY_FILE_FORMAT    },

There's probably an old sqlite3.h around somewhere for some reason. Possibly in the directory you're running, possibly in /usr/opt/Sqlite/src/sqlite/src/. If you delete it things might work.