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SQLite database in space?
Numerous satellites run stripped-down versions of Linux.  A lot of those include, and actually use, SQLite.  For instance, Kubos: <https://www.kubos.com>.

At least one mapping satellite uses SQLite to store georeferencing data about what it should be doing between now and the next set of instructions.  An employee of the company that runs it posted a question on another forum about whether there was a library for manipulating earth-surface coordinates.  Sorry, but the poster didn't want to identify the company they worked from.

SQLite is used in the flight software for the Airbus 350 XWB family of aircraft.

I would be very surprised if the entire ISS support and maintenance system ran without using SQLite somewhere in space.

I've seen a photo of an iPad used on a submarine, though just because it was a personal possession, not anything to do with running the submarine or whatever its mission was.

Since we're covering unusual uses of SQLite …

SQLite is an integral part of some malware, merely as a fast compact way of looking up data ranges.  For instance, Hornbill: <https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/pro-india-malware-used-to-spy-on-pakistani-military-nuclear-agencies-44217>.  Flame, a malware spy program that spies on computers and their users, includes SQLite libraries though I don't know what it uses them for.  To balance the matter, McAfee uses SQLite databases to store virus signatures and some other things.