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Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings
> Hate composing replies on the forum on iPhone

Composing *anything* of consequence is miserable on a smartphone. Factor that out of your complaint about this forum, first of all.

> cannot even see the whole thread while composing.

You've posted four messages to this forum over its 100 day history, so keep that in mind also: you're speaking of an irritant that affects you about once a month on average.

Given all of that, the solution, while awkward, is something you need only rarely, and then only on a platform that isn't well-suited to the task anyway:

1. When you find a message you want to reply to, and where you think you might need thread context, click Back instead of Reply.

2. Tap-and-hold on the thread title, and say Open in Background.

3. Click Forward, then Reply.

Now you have the thread context in the background tab and the reply box in the foreground.