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[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified error when use VBA connect Sqlite
The 32- and 64-bit ODBC drivers can co-exist.

The problem is Excel 64-bits ... it can only use 64 bit software. ADODB is 32-bit and, as far as I am aware, no 64-bit version exists.

<b>Option 1</b>: Check your code using 32-bit Excel for reassurance.. I use ADODB, the 32-bit driver with Excel 32-bit & it works.

<b>Option 2</b>: Re-install 32-bit Excel

If re-installing 32-bit Excel is NOT an option, execute your queries in the SQLite CLI i.e. export to a CSV and import the CSV in your 64-bit Excel. You can do all of this  using Excel VBA.

<i>The ODBC drivers are statically linked to a much earlier version of SQLite3 & do not come with the SQLite3 CLI - you can download it but it will be the latest version, thereby introducing compatibility issues between the CLI and the earlier DLL embedded in the ODBC driver.</i>

As Larry points out, much of this is off topic here ...