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lemon - optional namespace support
The additional maintenance load for me to carry the patch is not the point - I'm not sure what I said that gave that impression. I also _do_ understand the point about not simply dumping code on someone else to maintain.

The motivation was about sharing something that I thought would have been generally useful, which doesn't add a lot of clutter and which would avoid others duplicating the effort. Since lemon is pure C, the integration of lemon into a C++ code has obviously never been a major concern.

Unfortunately, when I read [lemon link](http://www.hwaci.com/sw/lemon/) I didn't interpret the statement _"Lemon is maintained as part of the SQLite project"_ to mean that lemon would only have features that are also needed by SQLite, or that offering potential changes would have provoked this of reaction. Sorry for any offence that I may have caused.