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SQL compliance on Wikipedia
I don't know, I guess you would have to refer to the SQL standard document (if you have access to it). I would guess it means `BIGINT` and `TINYINT`, but I am not sure.

As for `CHARACTER` and `CHARACTER VARYING` and all it spellings, it *may* refer to `CHAR` and `VARCHAR`.

If there is no `CHARACTER_LENGTH` or `OCTET_LENGTH` function then it is **not** supported, even though the equivalent functionality exists using the non-standard `LENGTH(CAST(X AS BLOB))`. If a standard query fails to run, then it is not supported even if SQLite does have provide that functionality under another name.

If they are the same treated as the same type, then I would argue it is supported even if the underlying implementation treats them the same, that is an implementation detail but the functionality as defined in the specification is supported.

If it SQLite does not support stored procedures then it does not comply with T321 and should hence be marked as `{{No}}`. If you can use something else for the same purpose that is irrelevant as it is not part of the standard. This article documents standard compliance, it is not take into account non-standard functionality.