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Is the order conserved in a table from a VALUES clause?
>  If, on the other hand, you want specific row numbers for 
> each of the values you insert, you can assign your row 
> numbers to a column.

Indeed, and I've done this - see the fiddle in my previous response.

OTOH, it strikes me as logical to **keep** the order of the data in the VALUES clause (as the default) - otherwise, why not simply specify it in an incrementing fashion in the first place?

Or, maybe, at least keep it in the part where the table defined by the VALUES clause is created - i.e. **guarantee** the ROW_NUMBER() functionality that I want/require?

At the very least, some sort of implementation of PostgreSQL's **WITH ORDINALITY** would be desirable!

Just for the record, I have nothing but admiration and respect for the SQLite project generally and D. Richard Hipp in particular!