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Comparison of Hebrew Language Text
I have an iOS Objective C app using fmdb.

Using this query successfully until I have run into Hebrew language.  Apparently, in Hebrew the vowels characters are optional and some of the strings in the database have vowels and some do not.  So, I need to make the comparison ignoring the vowels.

@"SELECT * FROM buttons WHERE LOWER ( TRIM (message) ) = LOWER ( TRIM (\"%@\") )"
(don't worry the user was not able to enter the string that goes into the %@)

I have considered creating a separate column of words with vowels stripped to use for Hebrew but then there will be many special cases in the code to deal with this.

Possibly, I don't understand the collation sequence but I don't this helps here as vowels are to be ignored not reordered.

TIA for your suggestions.