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extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary
> Why does this question only come from Windows users?

I think it's a simple hole in education that's almost artificially introduced - which is also why so many people love GUI's so much, because they don't know better.

As someone who learned programming on DOS, then Windows OS architectures initially, I can tell you that as a beginner, the tools made it real easy and you almost never had to touch a command-line. (Think Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal, C++, C# etc.)

This of course causes a serious lack of education and a strange avoidance/fear of anything command-line - simply because it is unknown territory. Just give me that "Run" button pls.

Sure enough I had to quickly learn when going to Linux, and as long-term Linux users, slash programmers, I think it is easy for us to forget how much knowledge is locked up in the consoles, shell, Bash, etc. It's like walking - we can all do it so think it easy and intuitive, but for the new human learning it for the first time, it's a daunting task. And let me add, any modern console has a few more things to learn than those that were around when I first started.

Any respectable somewhat professional/accomplished programmer needs to be Console-literate, of course, but I think there is a large swathe of beginner programmers who will have the deficit (and this percentage will probably not become smaller in future), and we need them, cause they will be the accomplished programmers of tomorrow.

So nothing much to do... Just sigh, give the download link for the pre-compiled binaries, and keep posting those command-line examples (as you did) so that those programmers who are emerging from their "n00b" chrysalises into their "1337" butterfly forms can easily find these examples along this formative journey.

(Because if we leave this up to Stackoverflow... God help us all.)