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It is [documented](https://sqlite.org/c3ref/c_open_autoproxy.html) that `SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE` is only allowed in the `xOpen` method of the VFS, not in `sqlite3_open_v2`. (That it is filtered out does not seem to be documented, but passing flags other than the allowed ones is presumably not really allowed anyways.) (So, I do not think that it is really a bug.)

However, I agree that I would want to allow `SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE` for `sqlite3_open_v2` too; I have wanted this in my programming at least once. (There might be other ways to do it, e.g. by a VFS shim, although this and other ways seem a bit messy to me and are not as ideal as allowing it in SQLite directly.)

So, I repeat the top message's request; I also make the same request that `SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE` should be allowed on `sqlite3_open_v2`.