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Updating SQLite3 version from 3.26 to 3.27 on Oracle Linux 8
> I just got an advice from our security team to upgrade the SQLite3 version from 3.26(Installed on my server) to 3.27 on my Oracle Linux 8.2 as they detected vulnerability on it.

Did you or they perform a security and risk analysis or is this just the common disease of checklistitis?  That is, have you analyzed this alleged vunerability and determined that this is the proper method of closing it?

 > But as per checking, the latest SQLite3 version on dnf repository is (3.26): http://yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL8/baseos/latest/x86_64/index.html

 > Is SQLite3 version 3.27(or above) is only compatible with Oracle Linux 7 and not with version 8?

Unless Oracle Linux is not Linux, there should be no problem using a later (or the current) version of SQLite3.  Oracle is likely just somewhat lazy and slow in updating their packages since 3.26 and 3.27 are more than a year and a half old.

If you are paying Oracle money in order for them not to be lazy and keep up to date with their packages, maybe whomever is paying them should have "words" with them about their lack of compliance with the contract.

 > Is there anything else that I could do to update the SQLite3 version from 3.26 to 3.27 or the 3.26 is the latest compatible version for Oracle Linux 8.2?

The current version is 3.33.0 released on 14 August 2020.  You could simply download the latest version and compile it yourself.  Unless of course the reason that you are using Oracle Linux is because you for some mysterious reason think that "Oracle Support" is of some value and do not want to use "unsupported" software.