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Suggestion: Use strong hashes on the download page
> To leverage this attack against SQLite someone will have to spend considerably more resources than the average attacker possesses and even then, after having successfully crafted a SHA1 for the code, all of which are considerably larger than the PDF used in the demonstration (upon which the attack figures is based), then such an attacker also has to successfully hack the SQLite servers and post such code on there.

That attack required adding gigabytes of drivel (padding) to the file in order to create the collision.  It was plainly obvious to any non-intellectually challenged person that this was a forgery.

In this particular case one would have to add shitloads of drivel (padding) that was "invisible" yet still permitted the underlying tar.gz to be intelligible.  

With the Proprietary Document Format (PDF) file this is trivial, simply put a postscript comment in the file to hide the drivel.  

Putting a couple of gigabytes in a .tar.gz or .zip in such a manner that it does not "fuck up" the un-gz-ing, unzipping, or un-tar-ring is not trivial.  You you could put a bloody big "Forgery Drivel -- Please Ignore Me" file in the tar or zip, but IT WOULD NOT BE INVISIBLE.  This is not to mention that the it is the compressed "drivel" that must participate in the forgery.  Computing the drivel itself is a significant task -- computing the "uncompressed" version of the drivel would probably take a few millenium.