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Build Error: sqlite3.c(206932): error C2061: syntax error: identifier 'sqlite3_session'
Thanks, Keith, for doing the bisect.

I have done default shell builds on trunk tip (version 7072404ad0267b8e) and version e306952690, for Linux (using gcc), and MSVC builds using "nmake -f Makefile.msc SESSION=1 sqlite3.exe" for the same versions, all of which cause SQLITE_ENABLE_PREUPDATE_HOOK and SQLITE_ENABLE_SESSION to be defined.  These 4 builds all succeed.

Before starting any of those builds, I did a "make clean" (or "nmake -f Makefile.msc clean"), so I suspect we are doing a slightly different build. Could you please try the same? At present, I am unable to repro the problem you report.

If not for you seeing the problem with both gcc and MSVC (both on Windows, I suppose), I would be tempted to setup for gcc builds on Windows. But since I do not see the MSVC compile error, I lean toward something odd left laying around on your system being responsible. At least until you have the problem after a clean.