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Hide rows in table1 if same value found in table2 ?
I am using DB4S.

In table1 one I have rows like this:

ABC123 12345
ABC123 67890
ABC123 98765
ABC123 99999
DEF123 12345
DEF123 55555
XYZ123 01234


I want to retain the data in the table rather than deleting it, but after processing it I want to hide it from view based on the value in col1.  So, I want to add ABC123 to table2 and by doing this it hides all ABC123 rows in table1 'browse data' view.  I can't use either column as primary key as both columns have instances of the same value.

Can anyone help me with the code for table1 "if value from table1 col1 found in table2 col1, don't show those rows in table1" (basically!) ?

Thank you.