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WAL journal file-size keeps on growing...
In my application I am using configuration of WAL-journal with synchronous set to NORMAL.

While running my unit-test application that put stress on sqlite, writing data from various threads, I found that the journal file-size keeps on growing forever.<br>
Only when my unit-test terminates and all connections are closed - only then the journal file is removed.<br>
At this point its size is ~2GB.

I read that using pragma **journal_size_limit** I can limit the size of the journal file.<br>
I tried to use it but it had no effect. I am calling it right after the connection was opened: **PRAGMA journal_size_limit=1000**
Later when running the command **PRAGMA journal_size_limit** (with no parameters) I can see that the value was set, as 1000 is returned, however, the file keeps on growing until my program exits.

My question:<br>
When in this mode WAL|NORMAL - Can I set the journal to be truncated every now and then - for example, at checkpoint time?

Thanks for any tips,