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Proper set up for working with SQLite, C, Tcl/Tk?
This isn't a SQLite how-to question but a where or in-what question. If out of scope here, please let me know and I will delete it if I have the permission to do so. It just seems that this may be the place from which to get the most-practical and least-subjective answer.

If one wants to develop using SQLite, C, and Tcl/Tk from a home office(bonus room) using a desktop set up, is there an operating system and/or other tool sets that would be preferrable in the long term?  I've been using the SQLite C API and write my code in regular old notepad.  I want to move about 50k lines of code from a different language into those mentioned above before writing more code, and received my 800 page Tcl/Tk book today. 

I'm just an old novice and I don't care about IDEs and color-coding my code, just functionality in the things I can't see taking place. I don't care for Windows and hated Visual Studio; I'm not purchasing a Mac/Apple; I can't make any good sense out of the multitude of Linux distributions(they all seem the same apart from the GUI); and I'm too old to build my own even if I had the ability.

Is it all just about a visual preference or is there an OS truly better in fundamentals for coding in SQLite, C, and Tcl/Tk?

Thank you for any suggestions you may be able to provide.