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Connection Pool always empty?
Oh dang, it might be that I mixed connection string parameters. I am indeed using System.Data.SQLite. I tried it this time with the builder:

            var connStringBuilder = new SQLiteConnectionStringBuilder() {
                    PageSize = PageSize,
                    DataSource = databasePathAndName,
                    JournalMode = SQLiteJournalModeEnum.Truncate,
                    Pooling = true

This results in the following connection string: `page size=4096;data source=xyz.db;journal mode=Truncate;pooling=True;cache size=-80000`

So we can see that the parameter is called Pooling. Still, on a newly created connection the property PoolCount is zero. Strange...

I really would appreciate to know why this functionality exists and why its so hard to get it activated :)