SQLite Forum

I would like to submit a bug report, and was told that the SQLite team prefer that they be submitted through the forum to keep the noise down on the actual bug tracker. So, here goes:

When trying to create a new database, the sqlite3_open_v2() function silently filters out the SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE flag. I've looked at the source code, read the documentation, and everything I can find says that that's the intended behavior. But doing it this way creates a [race condition](https://tldp.org/HOWTO/Secure-Programs-HOWTO/avoid-race.html). That is, after all, why POSIX added the O_EXCL flag to the open() call.

Now, I realize that the odds of this actually being exploited are very, very slim.  But that's not zero. So I'd like to request that SQLite properly handle the SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE flag properly rather than just silently filtering it out. Thank you.