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The NUMERIC data type?
What is the best (may be a dumb question) way to bind a column that is declared as an SQL Type - NUMERIC(10,2)

SQLite Doc says that with NUMERIC affinity may contain values using the 5 storage classes.

In the example SQL Type NUMERIC(10,2) the bind, I think that fits the SQL Type is  sqlite3_bind_double(...), I have determined this by the fact that the type returned from the table is shown as NUMERIC(10,2), in this case it seem clear what the bind method is but, what if the return type is just NUMERIC, is the bind type then determined by the value that would be bound to the column rather than the description in the SQL Type from the table info.

I may have answered my own question but I don't know enough, at this time, about sqlite3 amalgamation and what could be used to determine bind type dynamically.

I hope I have explained my question well enough