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sqlite 3.34 Command-line editor
Yes I discovered that from reading a little further. This worked for me:
~/Downloads/sqlite-amalgamation-3340000 [user] gcc  -DHAVE_READLINE=1 shell.c sqlite3.c -lpthread -ldl -lreadline -lncurses -o sqlite3
2021-01-06 14:37:25
~/Downloads/sqlite-amalgamation-3340000 [user] sqlite3 /Volumes/femto/FemtoDocuments/MyDB/kba.db 
SQLite version 3.19.3 2017-06-27 16:48:08
Enter ".help" for usage hints.

Thank you very much. I may be a Perl programmer but that is an interpreted language so I've never had to deal with compiling, linking, etc. in a Mac environment. Many, many years ago I worked with Turbo Pascal on a Windows box. What a great language.