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binary .dump format
Yes I agree, my contemplation imagined something that will be handled by a text processor and even editor, which can still use the mentioned companion files, or if text-editing isn't required, then length sections can work where context dependence is a bigger issue than corrupt bytes I think, but true, in such a case it's certainly not "theoretically impossible".

The TLV suggestion can work also, but then the entire data should be TLV sections, (even Schema, normal data) like it is in the file-types Andreas mentioned, avoiding context dependence and simplifying readers/writers. Much like the usual way of serializing data.

Either way, the moment you can no longer load an sqlite dump into a text editor (or importable via the standard cli sql reader), I think it stops being what it aimed to be at birth. In that regard, Base64 is drop-in replacement/alternate for hex and can still work 100%.

I like the suggestion using SQLite DIFF files on ZFS (or similar), maybe writing a full backup weekly, say, and diffs in between - the "lightness" of which will wholly depend on how often existing blobs change.

I have not actually tried using diffs for backup in sqlite - I wonder if you (or someone else maybe) have done this and can say something about how well it works and mention any caveats?