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Does table have rowid?
This is an extremely valuable/powerful solution/hint/tip<sup>1</sup>. Thank you very much; I am much obliged.

On an off-chance, I have to ask: Is there anything in a view that can identify each row uniquely?  (I know that this is highly unlikely since the underlying tables can change in real time; one workaround might be to 'freeze' the view by writing it to a temporary table).  

PS: If [my suggestion](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/d08a10f875?t=h) ever sees the light of day, it should include the <i>hasRowID</i> column.

<sup>1</sup>I know that I would not have figured this out, ever! <i>Your solution puts the <u>real</u> value of this forum in <u>true</u> perspective.</i>