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Updated Website Idea
Your willingness to help is appreciated. However, there are some complications.

One complication (as Ryan suggests) is that significant parts of the site are created programmatically.  Any substantial revamp, even if welcome based upon other factors, would need to include much of the data flow that permits the API to be documented within the source code and thereby become partially documented at the site via a hands-off, automated process.

Another complication is that intra-site linkages and indices are also programmatically managed with little manual tweaking required. Similarly low-maintenance infrastructure would need to be put into place and automated translation of the linkage tips within the present page sources would need to be done.

The most serious non-technical impediment is that a revamp would need to achieve the same or better per-page information density and logical structure. In other words, it would have to function better as a reference for programmers who use the SQLite library. Aesthetics, while having some value (and providing endless opportunities for "improvement"), are not enough to drive such a change.