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memory vs mmap
> So I guess what I am requesting is a pragma or whatever to force pages to be contiguous or whatever is required so that the efficient :memory: logic can be used.

Generically speaking, that would likely be impossible to do: code which needs to perform inserts would need to continually reallocate that block to add space for new records, invalidating any pointers held to it by higher-level code. Any and all pointers which referenced anything in that block would need to be accounted for and adjusted on every such realloc. You're only interested in the read-only case, but the VFS itself doesn't know that and has to have code paths for write mode as well. An mmap allocation is effectively one contiguous block, but any malloc-based non-trivial read/write data structure (a btree variant, in this case) cannot possibly be sensibly managed that way except, perhaps, in very specialized use cases which are far more limited in scope than sqlite's internals.