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sqlite3 '-batch' option appears undocumented
I've had a hard time looking for a more substantial description of sqlite3's '-batch' option than what the command line says ("force batch I/O"), which doesn't mean much to me.

Naively I'd expected to find something in the cli.html page.

In a [recent forum thread](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/8bd3fab3d8), someone complained that he also was "unclear" about this option, to which Larry Brasfield replied:

> How 'sqlite3 -batch ...' differs from 'sqlite3 ...' invoked with redirected input is not a simple subject. (Anybody who doubts this should study shell.c, paying attention to sets/uses of the variable stdin_is_interactive and various tests such as 'isatty(0)', 'in!=0' and 'in==stdin'.)

It thus seems to me that there is room for improving the documentation here.