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Execute changes in Photoshop Elements
I'm afraid it's really hard to follow your post - perhaps not by lack of your explanation skills, but by lack of knowledge on the subject of Photoshop file schema.

Either way, if this is really all you need:

> I just need to find in the media_table volume_id value 173 and change to value 1774182.

Then a simple:

UPDATE media_table
   SET volume_id = 1774182
 WHERE volume_id = 173
Should do the trick just fine.

Note: I am not confident that this won't break anything else in the file, it's hard to make out from your post, so please keep the backups handy while testing.

Also - I'd urge you to consider reading the documentation carefully (Larry linked what is needed), especially if that query is not immediately obvious to you.

Best of luck!