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Freeing memory used in sqlite£-result_blob
> should I end the function
> sqlite3_result_blob(ctx,blob,50,SQLITE_TRANSIENT);
> free(blob);
> or
> sqlite3_result_blob(ctx,blob,50,free);
> While the latter would save sqlite having to create a copy of the blob I'm a bit worried about the function being called multiple times in the same sql statement e.g.
> select fct(..), fct(..), fct(..), fct(..), fct(..);

> and the frees building up. Am I worrying about nothing?

Either of those two is correct. The difference in performance is most likely too small to worry about, unless your application is super performance-critical. No need to worry about the "frees building up" either. Using SQLITE_TRANSIENT might make the code easier to grok, but I think it's a matter of taste more than anything.

> Also, is the use of SQLITE_TRANSIENT a necessity if the memory will be automatically freed at the end of the function? e.g. in the case of

> char blob[50]={...};

It is, yes. Otherwise SQLite will try to use the buffer after it has been automatically freed.