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Get SQLITE_READONLY when using UPDATE command
> The "proper" URL would be "file://Users/David/test.db" which would be the file \\Users\\David\\test.db on the current drive (ie, the current directory location when the program is loaded.

> The format specified is FUBAR.

SQLite does not require the double-slash between the URI's scheme part and the remainder. However, per my reading of <u>[RFC 3986](https://xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org/public/rfc/html/rfc3986.html#components)</u>, it should.<sup><b>1</b></sup> So, in that sense, the OP's URL is improper and other adjectives may apply.

I'm not sure how this deviation arose or should be handled now given the backwards compatibility issues.


1. This deviation creates an ambiguity between absolute and relative pathnames. SQLite interprets a leading/only slash after the scheme as the beginning of an absolute path. To get a relative path, no leading slash should be used.