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IBM patented web forms which consulted SQL databases
Came across a patent:


My non-professional analysis says that at one point IBM held a patent on systems which accepted an HTML input form, used the data to consult and/or change a SQL database, and returned results from that operation using HTML.

Obviously, a *lot* of systems do this.  Fortunately, the patent expired in 2015.  But I was doing this without permission in years preceding that.  And a lot of other SQLite users were doing likewise.  Do my ex-employers owe CISCO money ?  Or can one of you dig up a documented case of prior art ?  (Prior to June 1995, that is.)

Are there other patents which concern common uses of SQLite ?  But it's better we don't know, because if you get caught *unknowingly* violating a patent you can just say "Oh sorry." and stop doing it.