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3 incorrect tables created during import
In other words, **sqlite3.exe** is the equivalent of the original Sybase **isql.exe** program -- the sole purpose of which was to "send" SQL commands to the server and display the results therefrom.  MS SQL Server (being a stolen copy of Sybase) followed the same path, although of late they have changed the name of this simple executable program interface several times and "farted" with its original functionality.  There was even a brief era where it was "gooeyfied" so that people who like clickety-pokeys would not feel left out (and added no useless cruft beyond passing SQL to and displaying results from the database server).

There exists in the case of MS SQL Server a "User Interface Application" called Visual SQL Studio (or some such nonsense) that has turned into a huge agglomeration of crap that runs slower than molasses running uphill in the middle of a -40 degree Edmonton winters' day and takes six to sixty times the RAM and DISK resources of the actual server itself.

**sqlite3.exe** is the equivalent of the original **isql.exe** program and serves the same purpose.  It is not a command-line equivalent of "Visual SQL Studio" or whatever that crap is called these days.