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ORDER BY not working for a specific DB/table
Hi, I've seen you question now.

I've tested from (2013) and 3.29.0 and 3.31.1

actually solved, see my explanation

           INSERT INTO latiSaltxi VALUES(408,41.199999999999995735,129.72757172350807764);
           INSERT INTO latiSaltxi VALUES(408,41.200000000000002843,129.72079500000000962);
           INSERT INTO latiSaltxi VALUES(840,41.200000000000002843,-73.970000999999996338);
           INSERT INTO latiSaltxi VALUES(840,41.200000000000002843,-73.964172000000004913);

I don't know if it can be described as correct behavior 
but its really difficult to find. 

      ORDER BY ROUND(lati10, 1), longi

fixes the problem but I don't think is the way to go (as in C or C++ casting absolutely all variables). Anyway from now on I will do it, specially when combining reals in ORDER BY