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sqlite3_exec: the 3rd argument
Your very long response does <b>nothing</b> absolutely <b>nothing</b> to help me search for a resolution.

I am not, not even attempting to, absolve(ing) my code. That's why I put correct in quotes. Clearly there is an issue, <i>somewhere</i>.

You asserted:

>You did not answer Keith's question, "Are you attempting to 'hang onto a pointer' after your callback returns?" 

I suggest you re-read the opening paragraph in [my response](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/3b01d394ab?t=h).

My question was specific:

>When I call sqlite3_exec from my code, <b>on which line</b> in sqlite3.c does it land?

Your response does not help.

I am looking for hints to help me rule out the following:

1.That it is not my DLLImport code (my investigation is still ongoing)

2.That it is not my Callback code (my investigation is still ongoing)

that is the source of the problem. On balance, since I am getting 3 records back with what I have suggests that the problem is more subtle.<i>And I am not even thinking that it is anything to do with SQLite yet; that is why I've tried with several versions thereof.</i>