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Does table have rowid?
> Which version of SQLite3 are you using? 

This is the current tip of trunk.

 > I can't reproduce the same template when I run your queries: e.g. pragma table_xinfo('employees'); does not include the autoinc column with v3.34.1

That is correct.  These are changes I have made to the standard SQLite3 code to include extra attributes from the internal schema representation.

 > What do the columns eph ,ai , named, shad mean/indicate

eph   is the ephemeral attribute from the internal dictionary  
ai    is the autoincrement attribute from the internal dictionary  
named indicates that the tables rowid is explicitly named  
shad  is the shadow attribute from the internal dictionary  

 > I assume ro means read only and 1 indicates true and 0 indicates false; if so, why is it consistently 0 for 'view's?

Because views are not read-only.  You will note that sqlite_master is read-only because unless you use a specific pragma to enable you to write to it, that it is read only.  This is an entirely different thing from a view or virtual table which is only by happenstance not writable.

 > Is \_tz\_ an attached database