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Database anomaly
It might be related to Unicode. However, I am able to use the database using sqlite3_open and sqlite3_exec <i>without</i> issues when not loading an extension.

I stepped though my code and ajay.db��0 materialises as soon as I execute 

> select load_extension('fileio.dll')

using sqlite3_exec.

I tried to compile fileio.c (using CL) with no success. I acquired fileio.DLL from [this link](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/0eb1b89441f4cd63?t=h) in this forum. 

It is possible that fileio.dll from here has supplementary code that could account for what I am experiencing.

In fact, I am certain of it since I can run the SQLs in my code in the CLI (unlike SQLITE3.DLL, SQLITE3.EXE has ReadFile etc built in) without any anomalous behaviour.

(... Can I get hold of fileio.DLL from somewhere else?)