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New version of app, more columns for same table

I am doing a thesis on carving SQLite records, and I found a particular case in an iOS message database. I have found records that appear in a table that has more columns than mentioned in the binary record. For example, a table which has 10 columns and which contains records which have 10 columns, but also records which have only 8 columns (from a potential previous version of the application) and whose last 2 fields are filled by default? I wonder how SQLite handles these cases, how it knows that it has to introduce these records in this table (other than by its positioning in the schema) and how it fills in the missing fields?
Since I am only relying on the fact that the records must have the same number and types of columns to go to a given table, my records from an old version are not written to the table because they do not contain the same number of columns ...

Thank you so much.